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presets for bomes and live September 8, 2010

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Just a quick post, containing the presets you might want to try out. (files below)

If you came here from a direct link or from my blog, should check out the launchpad index page

Included is a Ableton Live preset, which you might wanna use when you try the Bomes MIDI translator preset, since the key shortcuts are being triggered by the translator script

there are 8 tracks for instruments, each containing a rack, which you should be using for your instruments, since the 8 feedback tracks (grouped) get their feedback from there. Replacing the racks with another instruments might render the feedback tracks useless because i noticed, that they tend to lose the contact to the track once the instruments change.

My current settings are as follows:

The keymappings:

This is what the keymappings on the tracks look like:

What you need to do:

  • Install Bomes MIDI translator, if you haven’t already –  take the latest beta version when you are on osx. Thats what i made this with. Some features sport implementations from the new version which are not available in the older version (i don’t know about windows)
  • plugin your launchpad
  • start MIDI translator (and load the preset)
  • start the ableton live preset (you have to have Ableton running for usíng this translator preset! Otherwise the mappings are screwed up – this is some driver issue i think- will look into this)
  • quickcheck the settings
  • switch over to user1 mode
  • check if you have LED feedback on the right side like this:

This is the mapping for this preset

user2 page currently is blank, but also split up into 8 different subpages (scene launch button lights up green, when in user2 mode) Feel free to post suggestions for the user2 pages in the comments!

When you switch to user1 mode you can use the scene-play buttons on the right to switch between different tracks (1-8). The 4 buttons in the lower left corner of the right side (arm/solo/mute/select) correspond to the currently selected track. You will get midi feedback from all channels in this mode on the left side. If you want direct feedback while playing, you have to arm the track you want to see. If you want to turn midi feedback off for a particular track, you can mute it in the feedback group.

The configuration has to be pretty exact cause everything has to fit together. Once setup, its pretty robust though. Most of the features are explained in another article (including a video) –while im talking about exact configurations: You might want to adjust the keyboard shortcuts for metronome to “n”, overdub to “m” and tap to “b” because “somebody” uploaded the wrong template. I’m sorry. I’ll fix that but not know 🙂

Guess that’s it, here are the presets:

Ableton Live preset

Bomes MIDI translator preset

Another MIDI translator preset but without all the shortcuts – just a clean version with 8 subpages for both userpages

Have fun playing with it…

If you have any questions, comments, hints leave a comment! Thank you!


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