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MIDIkatapult September 9, 2010

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While i’ll probably keep hacking around with bomes MIDI translator, i always look for inspiration for features and nice ideas for the launchpad in other projects. Last night, i tried out katapult which is a very cool tool. There is a trial version, so you can try it for free. It’s written in Java and comes for OSX and Windows. Katapult aims to make the launchpad available to users of other DAWs than Ableton Live

Katapult reads it’s settings from a config file which reminded of the good ole linux days of mine. The syntax of the file is simple but after some fooling around i realized, that the MIDI translator is just more comfortable to edit rules, variables and alike. The moment you start katapult the launchpad goes crazy. Very cool LED effects! This is what the Novation guys should have been doing when they tried to impress me initially. When i plugged my launchpad in the first time i saw like 4 or 5 LED lighting up, making me think the device is broken.

Here’s a screenshot of the featurelist from the katapult website:

Most (if not all) of this stuff can also be done in other ways. Some directly with Ableton, some with MIDItranslator or MAX/MSP. I prefer the MIDI translator solution because of the following reason: It’s *way* more flexible than the other ones (except MAX of course). I am able to steer other midi controllers through the wilderness of the setup (not that i had too many of them ;)).  And i can make them interact in a way that pushes the limits of what i am actually able to think of… You can connect *every* button/knob/pot/switch/fader to any other. That’s what makes MIDI translator my winner in this midibattle.

Still if you are looking for a launchpad specific MIDI boost you should try the katapult!

The full version is available for $23.95. – its entitled for all future updates


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