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MidiFeedback is an ugly thing September 11, 2010

Filed under: launchpad — w0nk0 @ 11:30 am

You don’t want that to happen.  Well at least you dont want MIDI feedback going on between Ableton Live and Bomes MIDI translator as it will use all your cpu for banging around MIDI events. Fast.

Today my macbook stalled for a couple of minutes because of MIDI feedback. I accidently routed some midi signals from Ableton to MIDI translator and the same signals from MIDI translator to Ableton, leaving my laptop sending thousands and thousands of MIDI events between the two programs and me not being able to do anything than forcekilling the translator -not knowing about the little stop button in the upper right corner (since i’ve never ran into a similar problem). So if you happen to have the same problem (which is likely when you send MIDI signals to different sources and return them in some other way) just remember the little panic button in MIDI translator

It’ll stop all signal processing immediately and you are able to edit your script to turn the feedback off.

Nice feature for situations like this…


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