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MidiFeedback is an ugly thing September 11, 2010

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You don’t want that to happen.  Well at least you dont want MIDI feedback going on between Ableton Live and Bomes MIDI translator as it will use all your cpu for banging around MIDI events. Fast.



known preset issues September 9, 2010

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just a quick list of what i am right now stuck with…

I will update this list as i find any problems.

  • sometimes the mousefocus in the session view is being passed to another window area of Ableton Live which disables the cursor buttons in the launchpad preset. This should be remedied with one of the upcoming versions supporting mouse actions.


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While i’ll probably keep hacking around with bomes MIDI translator, i always look for inspiration for features and nice ideas for the launchpad in other projects. Last night, i tried out katapult which is a very cool tool. There is a trial version, so you can try it for free. It’s written in Java and comes for OSX and Windows. Katapult aims to make the launchpad available to users of other DAWs than Ableton Live



presets for bomes and live September 8, 2010

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Just a quick post, containing the presets you might want to try out. (files below)



launchpad overview

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Finally! 64+ buttons for Ableton live for a reasonable price. I just got myself a launchpad. Less monitor, less mouse, more music. Thats what i thought when i held it in my hands the first time. I was wrong. Heres the story: (more…)


pimp my mpk25

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Screenshot Akai Website

Being a passionate every-surface-makes-a-sound fingerdrummer ever since i sat behind a real drumkit as a kid i, was yearning for some device that could fulfill my needs of sensitive pads that trigger midi events and kick samples out of a Ableton drum rack. What i got was the mpk25.

I really like the overall design and functionality of the mpk. I use it in Ableton Live for a broad variety of things. Except drumming. Why not drum with the 12 soft rubber pads Akai has generously included in the upper left of your device? -you may ask. Because they suck. They suck, they suck, they suck. (more…)