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launchpad hacking September 8, 2010

This is an overview about launchpad & bomes related articles (there might be other launchpad articles in the blawg which do not appear in here as they are not related to my work with bomes)

currently there are only two articles, but i’ll post more stuff in the upcoming days

While writing i discover new features and tricks daily. If you have any suggestions for features, implementations or even bomes presets i’d be happy to hear from you. leave a comment or drop me a line, thanks!

Stuff soon to come:

  • detailed explanation of the MIDI translator setup
  • working with variables – multiple userpages
  • LED feedback – utilising both, AbletonLive & bomes
  • FX Assignments – momentary buttons and 1 shots
  • catching MIDI input with MIDI translator
  • Timers – i’m currently working on a stable way to sync Ableton & Launchpad. This opens up some great new possibilities.

keep in mind: english is not my native language (german), yet i decided to write this in english so more people are able to read it. So, if anything is weird, it‘s probably due to that. Please tell me in the comments. Thanks.


3 Responses to “launchpad hacking”

  1. David Says:

    Hi, I really would like to learn how to have feedback in the launchpad, i’ve tried your preset but doesn’t work in Windows, yes i know windows suck…
    I can also make for you the PC’s version of that live pack and your Bome’s preset but i cannot understand somethings, for example: about the rules…
    I think you’re doing a very good job, i’ve tried with Automap and that also sucks…
    So thanks

    • w0nk0 Says:

      Hi David,

      the MT script should actually work – i’ve seen it running on another winXP machine. Do you get any errors? Gotta admit that the rules section in MT can be pretty confusing… Also i don’t really like the GUI on windows. But thats something the guys at bomes are already working on, i hear 🙂

      • David Says:

        Hi Buddy,
        Actually i think the problems are with the midi virtual ports,
        they are very diferent as in a Mac, so the software didn’t recognize them…
        Can you please post a screencapt from your port’s mappings? That would be very useful for me to understand how i must do it
        I’m working with w7…

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